Our new friend, the data url


In this post Skyjake, the author of Lagrange described some ideas for the usage of the data url scheme. This has caused some controversy (and more) among geminauts. ...


Handling unsupported protocols in GemView

The Backend

GemView is meant to be a generic and reusable Gemini browser widget, while Eva is the browser built to leverage it. GemView can already handle surfing around geminispace using the gemini protocol, but you never really know what types of links are going to be found in Geminispace. There's gemini:// links, gopher://, finger://, http:// and the occasional data: url. Handling all of those different protocols in Gemview is out of scope, but we need to account for them somehow....


Eva and GemView update - Valentines 2022

There's been a slow but steady march of progress on these two projects over the past week, and I think it's now at the point where I could say that Eva is, while still a wip, somewhat useful. ...


A Gemini browser widget for Gtk4

The gemini protocol is a simple, text oriented internet communication protocol. I don't want to go into too much detail about what Gemini is, I'll leave that to the reader to research if interested. This post is about a new project to create a freestanding gemini browser widget for gtk4, much like webkit2gtk is for the web, and a simple, nice browser which leverages it....


The case for a modern language (part 1)

There is a difference of opinion among many programmers regarding the idea of replacing C, either in newly wrritten code or else altogether. I find myself coming down on the side that it makes little sense to try to replace a legacy codebase, and still find C useful in some contexts (particularly in the realm of microcontrollers). That said...